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Celestial aura healing

Celestial aura healing is a form of energy healing created by Antti Häyhä. I graduated from celestial aura healer training in 2023. Celestial aura healing is usually done remotely via video call.

In the healing session, I help the client to open the connection with both Mother Earth and their own Source energy, and to fill their auric field with their own Soul light. Therefore, all healing takes place under the influence of the client's own Soul light. I help the client by clairvoyantly discovering traumas, energy blockages, implants, programmings and protective shields in their auric field and by pouring Soul light into them. Those traumas may originate from previous incarnations of the soul, but they can still affect this life by manifesting themselves as various fears, emotional problems, or physical ailments, for example.

The healing session is very comprehensive and individual, and its effects are tender and gentle in opening the protective layers. The healing is carried out in cooperation with the client at all times, and nothing is done forcibly without the client's own will and guidance of their soul. In this healing, it is possible to face very deep-rooted traumas as well as extremely difficult emotions. As a healer, I myself have gone through a very in-depth process with Celestial aura healing, and I am able to support the client through processes as deep as those I have gone through myself.

Due to its in-depth nature, Celestial aura healing is not necessarily recommended for a person for whom energy healing is still a completely new thing, but the treatment is suitable for a client who has already worked on their spiritual aspects a lot and wants to dive into even deeper layers of their own soul path.

Session times and prices:

60min: 78€

70min: 88€

90min: 108€

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