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Hypnotherapy and Healing

Hypnotherapist Anna Perälä

Introducing Anna

My life mission is to be a healer/teacher. These two purposes are woven into my DNA. To learn to be a good healer and teacher, I have had to go through tough experiences in my own life. So I have found great tools and ways to help myself and at the same time studied several different professions for myself.


In my therapy work, I consider trust, empathetic presence and giving hope to the client important. I combine different techniques and methods as needed, listening to the customer’s needs. Working with the inner child is close to my heart. In my opinion, difficult things must not be swept under the rug, but all emotions must be met with an accepting attitude. I am a spiritual person, however, with my feet safely on the ground. In my work, I operate largely guided by intuition and from the heart, allowing my higher self to guide my work.


You can read more about me in my book Charlie and the Love Factory, which you can order here:

Here you can find my Youtube channel:

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Meet Anna
My education

My education

Clinical hypnotherapist

ICHypnosis, London, 485 h

Reiki training

Reiki I and II

teacher Mika Marttila

Reikimaster 2022

teacher Tuulikki Räisänen

Diploma in Homeopathy

4-year training

Finnish Homeopathic Academy

(+ basic medical training)

Quantum Hypnosis

Marjut Saariniemi

Holistic animal practitioner

1-year training


welfare center Siqri

Master of Social Science

University of Turku

(women's studies, philosophy,

german translation)

Experience expert

1-year training

Salo Citizens' College

Certified doula

Doulakka, 250 h

Hypnobirthing instructor

The HypnoBirthing Institute

Customer experiences

“Anna is a skilled user of the hypnotic voice whose couch is safe. Her style is especially suitable for those who need a hypnotherapist who is matter-of-fact, direct and calm. Points for building a good atmosphere! ”

— Juuso



Water Droplets

Clinical hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be used, for example, to help with various problems and phobias or to stop harmful habits such as smoking. Various traumas can also be dealt with in with hypnotherapy, in which case the traumatic event does not have to be relived emotionally, but can be dealt with in a dissociative state, as if looking at oneself from a distance. Hypnotherapy can be used, for example, to increase resources, raise self-esteem, and better achieve goals. Whatever your problem/goal is, hypnotherapy will benefit you!


Hypnotherapy 80 e / 1 h



Your well-being starts here!

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Contact information



Soulgarden, Piirin Hallintola, Seuralantie 5, Seinäjoki


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