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Quantum hypnosis

Quantum hypnosis is much different from ordinary hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The developer of quantum hypnosis is Dolores Cannon, whose original designation for this treatment was Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, or QHHT. Dolores' QHHT sessions were long, up to 6 hours long, but my sessions last about 2 hours on average. I have undergone quantum hypnosis training by Marjut Saariniemi and also have previous training as a clinical hypnotherapist. In quantum hypnosis, you are led into a hypnotic trance as in normal hypnosis. You can read more about hypnosis in my previous blog post.

Quantum hypnosis gives the reins to your own highest consciousness, which leads you to the very experiences that are most meaningful to you at that moment. Customers may experience past/parallel/future lives, connections with aliens or light beings, or lives as animals or natural elements, for example. You never know in advance what will come up during quantum hypnosis, the sessions are always different and surprising in their versatility. However, customers are always led by love and light, meaning that sessions are always for their highest good. Quantum hypnosis gives you the opportunity to get answers to questions from your highest consciousness and to find solutions to your problems and experience profound healing. Usually, after quantum hypnosis, the customer starts a deep healing process with subsequent insights.

Duration of a quantum hypnosis session is about 2 hrs and price 110 e. Quantum hypnosis can also be done remotely online!

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